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About Us

The Pacific Islands Law Officer's Network (PILON) is a network of senior law officers from Pacific island countries. It provides a forum for addressing law and justice issues common to countries within the Pacific region. Meetings are usually attended by Attorneys-General, Solicitors-General and senior Crown Counsel or representatives of each. Although PILON is an independent body it has close relationships with regional and international organisations.

Pacific island countries face common challenges in the law and justice field. The network focuses on legal issues that are not addressed in other Pacific policy forums. PILON aims to provide a forum where these issues can be discussed and progressed at a regional level. Through PILON, communication and cooperation between law officers in the Pacific region is enhanced.

PILON holds meetings annually which are hosted by PILON member countries in different locations in the Pacific. At each meeting, members endorse a new Chair and Executive Committee, who work with the Secretariat to progress issues between meetings and to develop the agenda for the next meeting.

More About PILON

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PILON is governed by a Charter and Rules of Procedure.
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