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2017 - 36th Annual Meeting

36th PILON Annual Meeting, Republic of Marshall Islands

The 36th Annual Meeting of the Pacific Islands Law Officers Network was held in the Republic of Marshall Islands, Majuro from Wednesday 18th to Friday 20th of October 2017.  Attorneys General and other legal officers from around the Pacific gathered to dialogue on legal issues in their respective countries and more.


Updates provided from each Country regarding the following from their jurisdiction:

1. Major law and justice sector achievements

2. Significant court decisions

3. Significant legal reform

4. PILON strategic priorities (Cybercrime, Environmental Crime and Corruption, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence)

5. Significant issues affecting the law and justice sector, and options to address these issues

6. Significant initiatives/projects involving the member country and its law and justice sector

7. Technical legal assistance

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PILON Annual Meeting Reports

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PILON Focus Areas

PILON's three priority issues are:
Sexual & Gender Based Violence, Environmental Crime and Corruption and Cybercrime