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2012 Forum Regional Security Committee Meeting
The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) hosted the Forum Regional Security Committee (FRSC) meeting on 6 and 7 June 2011.  The FRSC meeting is held annually and is the principal regional forum on political security and governance issues.  PILON is invited as an observer to the FRSC, and was represented by the PILON Secretariat.

Issues discussed at the FRSC meeting included trends in Transnational Organised Crime and the 2012 Pacific Transnational Crime Assessment Report; small arms and light weapons (Arms Trade Treaty, Implementation of the UN Programme of Action, Unexploded Ordnance); update on Niue Treaty Subsidiary Agreement drafting process; criminal deportees; cybercrime and the implementation of the Honiara and Nasonini Declarations.
The PILON Secretariat provided an update (together with other regional law enforcement and legal agencies) on PILON activities in 2011 and planned activities in 2012. 

Should Members wish to discuss or require further information on issues covered by the FRSC meeting, please contact the PILON Secretariat.