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Sexual & Gender Based Violence

KIRIBATI: RRRT project assisting with national consultations and implementation plan for draft bill

Kiribati has prepared draft legislation Kiribati Te Rau N Te Mweenga Bill 2012, or the Family Peace Bill. The bill is expected to go before Kiribati’s parliament in late 2013. The Family Peace Bill provides a new framework containing measures to prevent and respond to domestic violence as well as introducing preventative measures such as education and public awareness programmes.

At the request of the Government of Kiribati, the legislation was drafted in 2012 by RRRT, with support from AusAid and the Pacific Islands Sexual and Gender Based Violence Reference Group.

In preparation for the Family Peace Bill going before parliament, national consultations to create awareness about the bill are being carried out during 2013. The consultations and associated training are part of a SPC RRRT project, funded by UN Women. RRRT is providing support to the Government of Kiribati on the implementation plan for the draft Family Peace Bill. Further information is available via the RRRT website: here or here