Technical Assistance

PILON Expert Exchange/Secondment Program

At its May 2016 meeting, the PILON Executive Committe endorsed the establishment of a Secondment Program for litigators, drafters and advisors from and to PILON member countries.

The purpose of this Concept Paper is to advise PILON members how the Program will be conducted and seek nominations for potential participants.

Program Objective:

To strengthen law and justice outcomes in the Pacific through the secondment of litigators, drafters or advisors between PILON member countries for 2 - 3 months at a time.

Participation in the Program will be a significant professional development opportunity for nominated staff. The Program will also contribute to strengthening regional law and justice networks and consolidating expertise within in region.

For more information on how it works, download a copy of the concept paper.

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Technical Legal Assistance

At the 29th PILON Meeting the Secretariat was tasked to make available a document to PILON members, outlining technical legal assistance programs and initiatives available to PILON member countries and contact details of technical legal assistance providers.

The Secretariat has produced a database of technical legal assistance - available below

The database is divided into technical assistance in specific sectors or areas of law. Within these sectors, where possible, the type of assistance available is categorised as either:

(a) Legislative Assistance,

(b) Workshops/Training, or

(c) Exchange or Mentoring opportunities.

Organisations offering technical legal assistance are encouraged to contact the PILON Secretariat to discuss inclusion of the assistance available in the PILON database.

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Country Specific Project

It is a list of specific projects implemented in PILON member countries has also been compiled, as an additional 'arm' to the technical legal assistance database.

The list records projects currently being implemented as well as those recently completed. Projects are categorised as either:

(a) Legislative Assistance,

(b) Workshops / Training, or

Exchange or Mentoring opportunities.

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Model Legislation and Legislative Resources

The PILON Secretariat has additionally compiled a list of model legislation and legislative resources which are available and may be of assistance to members, available [List updated 31 March 2015]

The list is divided into two categories – model legislation or legislative resources:

(a) developed specifically for the Pacific; or

(b) developed as a general resource.

Details are provided in relation to the Act/resource, where available. A list of model legislation which is under preparation is also included.

The PILON Secretariat has a copy of the majority of the items contained in the list. Otherwise, copies may be located from the relevant organisation’s website.

Please advise the PILON Secretariat if there are additional resources which may be included in this list.

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