The PILON Secretariat is based in Apia, Samoa and is co-located with the Samoan Office of the Attorney General. The Secretariat consists of two staff members. If you would like more information about PILON please feel free to contact the PILON Secretariat.

PILON Coordinator

Ms Sasae F. Walter

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Sasae was appointed as the Coordinator of PILON in November 2016, after working as a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship at the National University of Samoa. She has significant work experience including with the Samoa Ministry of Prime Minister and Cabinet, and the United Nations Development Programme. Sasae studied at Edith Cowan University and Victoria University in Australia, University of the South Pacific Suva in Fiji and Massey University in New Zealand.

She is a member of the Samoa Media Council, an executive member of the Samoa Association of Women Graduates, and actively volunteers to provide basic economic empowerment training for remote village women entrepreneurs. Sasae is an avid supporter of her husband and children who are all national archers.

PILON Assistant Coordinator

Mrs Rosarino K Mario

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Rosarino joined the PILON team as the Assistant Coordinator in 2019. Before that Rosarino held program management, human resources and finance roles. This included working as a Finance and Administration Officer for the Civil Society Support Program in the Samoan Ministry of Finance.

Rosarino was born and educated in Fiji and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of the South Pacific. Professionalism, Passion and Success motivates her as a wife and mother