About this committee

Legislative drafting is a specialist skill required by governments to achieve clear and consistent laws.  While each Pacific Island country has its own ways of developing its laws, it is the role of legislative drafters to take drafting instructions and ‘translate’ them into legally effective draft bills.

The PILON Legislative Drafters’ Committee (PLDC) is a network of legislative drafters in the Pacific region.  As a committee under PILON, it brings together key resources to build the capacity and expertise of the region’s legislative drafters.  The PLDC provides a valuable opportunity for Pacific legislative drafters to meet and strengthen professional linkages and share information and knowledge on legislative drafting.


The PLDC’s objectives are to:

  • advance the skills and capacity of legislative drafters in PILON member countries, and
  • advance regional cooperation and networking amongst legislative drafters.


  • Su’a Helene Wallwork –  Attorney General of Samoa (Chair of the PLDC and Chair of the PLDC Steering Committee)


Law and justice officials from PILON member countries with an interest in legislative drafting are welcome to contact the PILON Secretariat to join the PLDC.  There is no cost to join.

The PLDC Steering Committee includes representatives from the following six countries who support the PLDC’s strategic direction and activities:

  • Australia
  • Fiji
  • Nauru
  • New Zealand
  • Samoa
  • Vanuatu


Pacific legislative drafters have been networking since 2007.  The PLDC’s predecessor, the Pacific Legislative Drafters’ Technical Forum (the Forum), was initially hosted by the Commonwealth Secretariat, then received coordination support from the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat from 2012 to 2019.  In 2019, PILON agreed to support the Forum by adopting it as a PILON committee.  The PLDC then formed and appointed a Chair and smaller Steering Committee.