Working together across the Pacific to strengthen justice and the rule of law, and contribute to peaceful, safe, secure and prosperous Pacific communities.

PILON works to improve justice, safety and the rule of law in the Pacific by sharing expertise, strengthening regional collaboration and building capacity to advance key priority law and justice issues. PILON meets annually, bringing together senior law officers to share knowledge and law and justice developments from around the region. The end of year annual meeting also provides an opportunity for PILON to consolidate the strands of its work throughout the year and to plan for the coming year.

PILON’s strategic work plan identifies areas of focus over the forward work years. The current strategic plan is for years 2019 to 2021 and identifies Corruption, Cybercrime and Sexual and Gender Based Violence as its three strategic priorities. A working group has been set up for each strategic priority to progress specific action items for capacity building, policy development and support in each of these areas.

Past PILON strategic plans can be found in our Digital Library. For more information on our work and activities please contact the PILON Secretariat.